DDS - Furniture and Decorations

DDS-Mobiliário e Decorações, it's a company with headquartes in the island of São Vicente, in Cape Verde and our main activity is the manufacture, supply and installation of furniture and carpentry.

The Furniture industry is now synonymous with prestige, comfort, well-being and work. The perfect harmony of furniture with the most diverse kinds of space, creates states of mind, allowing humans beings to think better, decide properly, win and relax.

We make all kinds of carpentry and furniture, suiting the needs of customers: banks, financial institutitions, housing, hotels, clinics, pharmacies, commercial areas, social centers and kindergartens and schools.

We have the company S.D.& D. (furniture and carpentry) and CAMARC (wooden packs and its components) among our partners, which is also owner of the mark PUERI (children furniture), due to the fact that all these companies share a common leadership.

This whole variety of offerings results from the flexibility of our production system, which unites in a harmonious way, all the experience and qualifications of our human resources with the most modern industrial equipment.

We use all sorts of materials in the construction of carpentries and furniture, always making a strict quality control, from supply, to manufacture, delivery and final assembly on the spot, thus allowing us to achieve high levels in terms of finishing works, functionality, resistance, and ergonomic design.

Although we are in the process of deployment of infrastructures, we already have the perfect conditions for the submission of budgets, manufacture and assembly of furniture and carpentry for various purposes.

It will be for us a great pleasure and a great honour, to put our services at your disposal.

Instituições Financeiras Imobiliário - Hotelaria Imobiliário - Habitação Saúde - Clínicas Saúde - Farmácias Ensino





DDS - Mobiliário e Decorações, Lda
Parque Industrial do Lazareto, Lote 55
Mindelo - São Vicente

GPS N 16º 51' 55.37 W 25º 01' 25.40

TAX ID. 253 332 753

Mobile: +238 998 4818


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